Getting the best out of your staff

If your business is large enough to have employees, treasure them. With the right people in the right places, your employees are the most important asset your business has.

To get the best out of your staff, they need to know you value them. But with the day to day focus on operational needs, it’s all too easy to let staff motivation fall down your list of priorities.

However, taking care of employee engagement should form a key part of your strategic planning, not be an afterthought. To keep your staff motivated you need to identify what makes them tick and provide the right environment to nurture them. This is particularly important during times of business change where people can be pushed into situations they’re not comfortable with.

Key to success is ensuring that all staff have a clear understanding of a future that they see as secure and sustainable, so they have the willingness to change with you. Poorly motivated staff results in high staff turnover and a direct impact on the bottom line.

A big part of what I do is working directly with the employees to ensure any transitions are smooth and that the workforce feels valued. Listening to your employees is as important as listening to your customers. When I go into an organisation, I need to get employees to open up and discuss any problems with me. I can then come up with a strategy to resolve any issues. Communication is key.

Education is another vital part of staff motivation. A motivated employee is confident that they have the support and the skills they need to complete their job. And the other important ingredient?

Recognition. A big motivator for staff is having their hard work recognised. A simple ‘thank you’ when someone achieves an agreed goal can go a long way, but is all too often forgotten!

I can help identify and nurture talent through coaching and mentoring. These foundations might not seem tangible, but you will feel the positive change within your organisation and see your business grow. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.