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Turning your dreams into reality…

Are you in the driving seat and clear on your organisation direction? Do you have a plan?

Defining, measuring and creating a realistic plan combined with energy, passion and courage should help ensure that you are sharing future success. This is why both me and Peter created new business ventures. And we’re both able to help you add value to your business.

I recently spent time with Peter, a valued business colleague, at the famous Nurburgring in Germany. Like me, Peter recently founded his own business: Denkyu Consulting. Together with his business associate, Peter is able to share his lean and systems thinking with organisations.

Both Peter and I have a wealth of experience in manufacturing excellence. We both educate businesses on the benefits of a lean journey to transform organisations from good to great. Peter’s background is steeped in automotive with a world class brand reputation. I’m passionate about people and create high performance teamwork in a lean environment.

So as they say, two heads are better than one. This can be seen in Peter’s company branding (below), which is focused on innovation and the “light bulb moment”. Denkyu comes from the Japanese dictionary for lightbulb, so clearly this is appropriate for his business delivery.

I’m committed to a lean philosophy and recognise that we learn to see every day. However, for added value, it must be shared and implemented.

Peter is based in Germany and I’m in England, but we both travel globally. So if you feel you could benefit from our professional support and expert advice, why not get in touch? If you’re searching for a tailored solution that is agile and flexible, then please do not hesitate to contact either me or Peter.

United Kingdom
Joules Resource Management
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Denkyu Consulting

Denkyu Consulting
Peter Meijnen
Mobile: 0049 176 6179 5015
Email: [email protected]

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