Business strategy

Business strategy from a stranger

Things have been going OK for your business. But are you clear on where you’re going and how you’re going to get there? Maybe it’s time to review your strategy.

But how do you create a business strategy that you can really use? You could get the Senior Management team in a room to thrash it out. Or you could ask a complete stranger.

Asking a stranger to write a new growth strategy for a business that you know everything about and they know nothing about might sound rather counter-intuitive. But perhaps a stranger, with the right credentials, is just want you need.

I could be just the stranger you need! I make my living by helping businesses discover what they need to do to create genuine, and continual, growth.

I can come into a business with completely fresh eyes and look objectively at where things stand and where the opportunities are. I’m completely unencumbered by what’s happened in the past and I’m not held back by ‘how things have always been done.

But why should you trust me to give you the right strategic advice for your business?

Sure, I’ve got the right qualifications, but it’s my experience which is really valuable in this job. I’m from a multi-skilled, multi-corporate background so I’ve seen the best and worst of business and have solved all kinds of problems along the way. I’ve developed techniques that apply all that I know to other businesses, no matter their size or shape.

Sharing the future of your business with an outsider might feel daunting, but it doesn’t mean giving up control. It simply means getting the right help at the right time. And the cost will pale into insignificance compared to the profit you stand to make from having an efficient business with a sound strategy and a clear direction.

A business strategy is all too often written as a box-ticking exercise and then put on a shelf to collect dust. But a well thought out strategy can be a very powerful tool. It should be used every day to help make smart business decisions and to give direction to every individual within your organisation.

I can show you how the right strategy adds true value for long term benefit – take a look at some of my testimonials to see how I’ve helped other businesses.